Work Sauce


Growth · Full Time

Feb 2021 - Sep 2022 · 1 year 8 months
Started with an explosive viral marketing campaign, Chamath Abs, which helped brand with some eyeballs as company has just come out of stealth the previous month.
I wore a lots of hats, sometime I was doing partnerships for the podcast, other time I was working on 3D rendering for the reference Ultrahuman Ring launch video.

Knowledge Capital

Core Team · Part Time

Aug 2020 - Jan 2021 · 6 months
Was founding member and was with then from day 0, helped bring KCap to existence. Organised Brands Decoded 2020 - D2C Summit and led design for it. Produced podcast for KCap as well. DId some outreach and partnership work too.


Community · Full Time

Jul 2020 - Jan 2021 · 7 months
Handled community at FrontRow while the company was still in stealth and the main app wasn't yet launched. Took stealth app's DAU with the team, from 0 to 3000.